Since the closing of St. Francis Medical Center and the School of Nursing in 2002, the Alumni Association has worked valiantly to keep the philosophy and memories of the School of Nursing alive in the hearts and minds of over 4,800 graduate nurses. The development of this website is the culmination of nearly six years of hard work and determination by the Alumni Association in reaching out to all of our graduate nurses, friends and supporters of St. Francis Medical Center and the School of Nursing.


This site provides you with the most up to date communication regarding alumni membership, the annual nurses´┐Ż reunion held every April, the student scholarship award, the outstanding alumni award, and the annual fall festival held every November, and other important information. We would love to hear from all of you.


Even though the hospital and school are closed, the spirit of St. Francis is alive in all of us and lived in every aspect of our daily lives. We are not just nurses, we are St. Francis nurses! We are living extensions of the true Franciscan spirit of compassion and service. Our excellence in nursing practice and our genuine love for patients is still spoken with great reverence in all hospital communities. This is who we are, and this is our legacy.

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